New App: Züri.Tours


Probably this is the worse time ever to release a tourism related app. I have however been intrigued to try to develop an app with SwiftUI: the new framework launched by Apple last year.I welcome the idea of a simplier way to to an app in Swift: it was always been a pain to deal with UI and Flutter was already miles ahead in terms of usability.

After some hours invested on learning it I decided to publish an app with the best attractions to visit in Zürich and the nearby cantons. So here it is Züri.Tours

The interface is fairly spartan: you have the option to change languages (ABCD at the top) and if you click on a photo you get an alert with some further information and a link to maps/directions.

I intentionally used mostly alert windows vs modal or a separate view because I liked the idea of a mini guide ready to be used without too much fuzz

So feeel free to download it here

👏 100

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