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Why you need the iPhone 14

Last week I came across an article on HN "why I stopped to buy new laptops". I was surprised to see how many comments applauding such a committment to vintage hardware.

I couldn't comprehend why so many were defending such a strange, and potentially dangerous (in terms of security)choice.

Then I realised that most of the developers commenting and applauding were probably vintage too😁 so somehow afraid to change.

Change, not in the form of learning a new programming language or new skills, but just to keep up with the fast growing technology. They have somehow given up and settled for concepts like "it works for me","you don't really need a fully fledged browser" or even "why store your photos in the cloud? what's wrong with DVDs".

To be an efficient developer you need to upgrade your tools of trade as often as you can. In the Apple ecosystem this is even more important as you need to ensure that your apps work fine in the last iOS released and newest hardware.

If a laptop upgrade might not be always necessary -- in my view it is if you use your computer for work -- the phone is the most used device both for browsing, banking, communicating and basically a lot of the our digital needs.

If you are in business you need the latest technology. In this case the iPhone 14. The only reason not to upgrade is a financial one, so if you can afford it you should upgrade.

In business, newer hardware means more productivity. It is part of your competitive advantage.The easiest to acquire because all you need is the investment and to spend some time to adapt to the new software.

All the business people that can afford it and won't upgrade to the iPhone 14 is simply because they are afraid of change. To be successful you need to embrace change and adapt.

Let's have a closer look at the new array of features offered by this marvel of technology:

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Always on Display

This is hardly something new in the smartphones world. Samsung has it since a while but Apple didn't. In fairness the iPhone 13 still detects when you look at your phone and turns the screen on but I believe that the always on display will be a game changer.

Is one of the small changes that initially you won't notice but, in practice, should matter a lot.

Your fonts and widgets in the lockscreen

As a lover of typography I am very happy the hear that it is now possible to use "your fonts" in the lockscreen.

Probably Apple will provide with a selection of fonts (I don't think they will allow to use your own..but perhaps they will?!) which will make the look and feel of your iphone a bit more special.

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According to Apple the iPhone 14 comes with a A display that’s up to 2x brighter in the sun.

Apple Website we have a lot of display improvements:

2000 nits outdoors (twice as much as before highest in any smartphone) and the camera📸 reaches 1600 nits brightness bringing iPhone to the same level as the Pro Display XDR

Deep Purple

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Yes! for the first time ever you have and iPhone in deep purple🧐. I know, is a lot to take in, but is going to be amazing.🤣


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The iPhone camera is legendary and the 14 pushes the bundaries even more it now has 48MP for up to 4x the resolution and for the selfie lovers TrueDepth front camera with autofocus and a larger aperture.

The camera alone makes the price of the iPhone 14 justified. Whilst I haven't tested this camera yet, the iPhone Pro 13 camera was already great making the purchase of a separate camera pretty much redundant.

SOS function

Apple always tries to integrate functions that can be useful, even in extreme cases. The SOS function allows you to communicate with emergency services even if you have no connection. It connects via a satellite 🛰 Emergency SOS via satellite is included for free with iPhone 14 Pro for two years.

This new features required some further work from apple Apple-designed components and software allow iPhone 14 Pro antennas to connect to satellite frequencies. And since bandwidth is low, we also created a compression algorithm that makes text messages three times smaller, speeding up communication.


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For the Geeks out there the A 16 Bionic processor now features a faster CPU (6 cores) and the neural engine can perform 17 trillion operations per second with a pixel-by-pixel analysis to optimize your photos. The processor alone and its security features makes the iPhone 14 a class on its own.

Why Upgrade?

In summary these are all good reasons to ugprade:

  • Display
  • New 48MP Camera
  • SOS Function
  • A16 Bionic Processor
  • Always on Display

I would say that the better display and the camera are the most interesting features. Of course the processor is also part of it. The SOS function, that hopefully will not be needed, is very impressive too.

Always on display is also potentially very useful (althrough we have been used for a while to the black screen once the iPhone is not in use!)

In my opinion to stay relevant in business you need to upgrade. If, financially, an upgrade is not viable is worth to check if there are special deals through a telephone carrier or save up for a worthy upgrade!

Images credits: Apple Inc.

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