Use Grammarly for writing articles! not ChatGPT, Jasper, or Bard.

ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard, and other AI engines are changing the way we write, also in blog posts like this one, forever.

The temptation to “write” an article in seconds is big, but several tools like originality.ai and gptzero.me can spot the robotic nature of your articles in seconds. No matter how intelligent the AI is, there are still many patterns used by human writers that are difficult for AI to replicate, at least for now.

I love to get editorial help on my articles; it saves a lot of time, so why not?

After having tried several AI tools, my suggestion is clearly for Grammarly. 

It offers real editorial help (as opposed to rewriting), but it can also improve complete sentences using AI. That is the perfect balance between maintaining your voice and polishing your text.

Another great advantage of Grammarly is that once installed on a Mac, it works with all your text editors, including the browser. I highly recommend it as the most effective (and honest!)way to improve your writing. 


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