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I have already covered how to deploy your Swift Saga site on Vercel and for windows affecionados on Azure but there is another simple and free option:Github pages If you are looking for a simple way to host your static website done with made with Saga in

Read More calendar 24 Oktoober, 2021

In my previous article I discussed how to deploy a Swift static website on Azure Static web pages. As of today, I think that Vercel has a much more compelling offer (you can see a comparison here comparison here and is much more user friendly). In Vercel

Read More calendar 23 Oktoober, 2021

Inspired from the UI change to dark mode I decided to change the website backend. The previous backend was in Svelte-Sapper that has now been discontinued in favour of SvelteKit. I started using Svelte/Sapper in April and learned many things about static

Read More calendar 18 Auguscht, 2021

I have just finished my new iOS app: Marienkäfer. It is a small app yet –at least to me 😜– very useful. But wait: there is already a wide selection of great and powerful notes app so why another one ? Marienkäfer🐞 is small and different: You can write no

Read More calendar 09 Mai, 2021

I am happy to announce that my new app is now available in the Apple App Store. This app includes the latest Swiss News in German with a twist: a) Using the Natural Language Native Swift framework it filters the “bad news” that are displ

Read More calendar 25 Februar, 2021

I just wanted to add a quick update to my previous mini tutorial (wow! amost a year) on using MongoDB with a SWIFT server side framework like Kitura or Vapor. First, the official MongoDB Swift

Read More calendar 11 Dezämber, 2020

hi I have spent a bit some time coming up with a new iOS app idea. I never managed to do a game. Since I love fonts I got this idea: how about a simple game where you need to identify 4 very similar fonts and can learn the 100 most frequently used German

Read More calendar 19 Juli, 2020

During this global corona virus pandemic, like many, I have been stuck trying to create a daily routine. I have read that this can be useful and perhaps help to lift the spirit in a difficult time. Listen to radio is not something that I started now (I al

Read More calendar 13 April, 2020

In the past weeks I had the chance to work on Server-side swift. The concept is very interesting: use Swift not just for an iOS or Mac OS app but for a server-side web application or backend. What? Why would you need this when you can code your shiny API

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