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I have recently purchased a blockchain domain for this site Megacool.eth so I thought I would share my experience with the various options to register a blockchain domain. This review is based on using the domains and not just buying to resell them like o

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For my week-end project I have decided to check how to host this website on the blockchain. I know that blockchain is pretty much a buzz-word now 😁 but it is actually possible to host a static website using either IPFS or IC Dfinity Internet Computer. Sin

Read More calendar 23 April, 2022

There are a lot of solution to protect the admin of your web project, sessions, tokens etc. but a method that still works very well, especially for smaller projects, is http basic authentication. As a caveat your website should use https because http basi

Read More calendar 17 April, 2022

I had some issues in using the Saga pre 1.0 code with Swift 5.6. Happy to report that I manage to ugprade to Saga 1.0 and, with Swift 5.6, now everything is back to normal and the blog is once again static and powered by Saga, one of the few static gene

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I have already covered how to deploy your Swift Saga site on Vercel and for windows affecionados on Azure but there is another simple and free option:Github pages If you are looking for a simple way to host your static website done with made with Saga in

Read More calendar 24 Oktoober, 2021

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