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There are several tutorials on how to run django with pm2 but all use to deploy and this doesn’t seem like a good idea. Even if behind Nginx, you should not use the django deployment server in production but you can run django with pm2 and gunic

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It looks like moving back and forth to different technologies is my new hobby 🤔. Truth to be told all frameworks/web programming languages have pro and cons. I recently made some simple micro-website in PHP7 and it was pretty cool too. For this blog (sinc

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After flirting for a long time with different web-framework solutions for my humble website (and other hobby projects) I decided to move this blog from NodeJS to Python, more precisely to Django. Why ? Well it is said that among the rules of programming t

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During the Christmas holidays I usually spend some time finding a new technology to learn. This often means taking some short online course and trying a new project.As I am doing most of the coding for my own learning I would say that whilst it is very ni

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