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In my quest to move a lot of work projects to a serverless architecture I have used Use Svelte + Svelte Spa router svelte spa router in several projects. This present an issue: if you fetch data from an API it will expose your credentials and this is les

Read More calendar 08 Mai, 2021

I have now finished migrated a website developed in Nodejs/Express/MySQL to sveltekit so I thought it would be a good moment to pen down some of my experiences. If you are a bit like me you can be confused by Sapper/Svelte/Sveltekit. What are the differe

Read More calendar 03 Mai, 2021

In the enthusiasm of moving much of my stack to svelte I re-wrote a simple game inspired from “fun with flags” from the series big bang theory. The first version was written in go with a mysql backend (to host the flag codes and file locations)

Read More calendar 27 April, 2021

As soon as I decided to move some of my websites using jamstack I was faced with the the issue of hosting or – better said in the case of jamstack – deploy my shiny new website. I have tried Google Cloud, Netlify, Vercel and Cloudflare pages and here are

Read More calendar 25 April, 2021

Previously, I was very sceptical (to say the least) about “static websites”. There are several limits and somehow don’t feel as cool as dynamic websites. Little I knew that “static” today doesn’t mean just writing a bunch of HTML pages and upload them in

Read More calendar 24 April, 2021

After a few months I am now revisiting the previous review of sapper-svelte. Recently, I decided to try to migrate a project from a dynamic to a static website to be hosted on google cloud. Looking back, I made a number of mistakes one of which was using

Read More calendar 18 April, 2021

Welcome to the completely re-designed! The new design is complete different and is inspired by Brutalist web design (see if you are curious) but without exagerating - I still think that beauty is important. I have s

Read More calendar 18 Januar, 2021

Rich text editors (also known as wysiwyg what you see is what you get) are pretty important for every blogging/CMS application, no matter how small. In the past I have been using Medium editor which is pretty good and totally free and open source. I am

Read More calendar 12 Dezämber, 2020