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Last month I have spent a lot of time in researching and understanding Non-fungible tokens, also knowns as NFTs. My experiment took place in one of the worst months for crypto. Bitcoin lost 19,30% and Ethereum 34.88%. Newer cryptocurrencies lost even more

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A little over a month ago I have purchased a blockchain ⛓ hosting package and even a .ETH domain. Whilst I don’t regret trying and experimenting (after all this is what technology and this blog is about) but I thought I would disclose that I am not happil

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I have recently purchased a blockchain domain for this site Megacool.eth so I thought I would share my experience with the various options to register a blockchain domain. This review is based on using the domains and not just buying to resell them like o

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For my week-end project I have decided to check how to host this website on the blockchain. I know that blockchain is pretty much a buzz-word now 😁 but it is actually possible to host a static website using either IPFS or IC Dfinity Internet Computer. Sin

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