Swift Saga Backend
Mittwuch,18 Auguscht, 2021

Inspired from the UI change to dark mode I decided to change the website backend. The previous backend was in Svelte-Sapper that has now been discontinued in favour of SvelteKit.

I started using Svelte/Sapper in April and learned many things about static site generators but since
Sapper has now been discontinued I was looking to move to something else.

Sveltekit is not sufficiently mature and I didn’t want to have issues as I faced previously at least until they reach a stable version or make up their mind.

Since in my hobby endeavours I use Swift UI I was always intrigued by a Swift static site generator. the only one was publish but I have found a new one! Saga and looks very promising:

  • Simple
  • Good Examples and Documentation
  • No NPM Package hell 😈
  • You can use XCode to write articles !

The only minus is that you still need to use DSL to write HTML but, unlike publish, it is more user friendly and I could figure out most of the things I wanted pretty quickly.

It is not fancy and most providers like Vercel or Cloudflare pages don’t build Swift packages ( Netlify does) but no matter as building is very fast and I can just build locally, push to github and have a quick deploy ready to go.

There are still some things not working the way I like (mostly because of the DSL..not being able to write HTML is..not ideal) but overall I am happy with the move.