Sveltekit Review

I have now finished migrated a website developed in Nodejs/Express/MySQL to sveltekit so I thought it would be a good moment to pen down some of my experiences.

If you are a bit like me you can be confused by Sapper/Svelte/Sveltekit. What are the differences?

The short version is that Sapper was designed as the svelte application framework for server side rendering.

Sapper is no longer in active development and the replacement is Sveltekit. There are some important architectural differences between the two but, from a pure end user prospective (e.g. just trying to get a blog up and running 😜) I can tell you that in Sveltekit the static website generation is not straightforward.

The best tutorial about using Sveltekit for a blog is provided by megzari.com.

Sveltekit exports and deploy are done though a number of adapters. If you have a very simple blog you might well be able to export it to github pages.

In my case and working with this example when you deploy on vercel there are severless functions and this is a big difference with sapper where the static export could be easily hosted anywhere.

Since Sveltekit is still in beta I am sure there might come a similar system for static website generation but, as of now, sapper is indeed more straightforward.

If you plan to host your blog on vercel, cloudflare or netlify this will not be a problem as Sveltekit provides the adapter for all of them.

Here is my quick summary to develop your app in Svelte:

Sveltekit also aims to be a serveless first framework.

I see some problems with this:

Because of the recent (4 May 2021) changes that literally broke the deployment of my projects based on the blog template above if you use it with the blog example discussed in this article don't forget (unless you are up to fixing stuff until it reaches beta) to change package.json to freeze the packages at a certain point:

"@sveltejs/adapter-static": "1.0.0-next.7",
"@sveltejs/kit": "1.0.0-next.95",
"@sveltejs/adapter-vercel": "1.0.0-next.15",

good luck!


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