Spotify vs Tidal vs Apple Music vs Youtube Music: Updated Ranking

This is an update to my previous ranking, where Tidal was the winner. After using all services for over two months, I have a new ranking:


đŸĨ‡ Spotify #1: Although Spotify's audio quality might not be lossless or Master quality, it boasts the best music discovery service. Its "smart shuffle/enhanced playlist" feature is impressive as it adds new suggestions directly to the playlist. Moreover, Spotify's multi-device option (switching from computer to TV to phone) is by far the most seamless, allowing you to resume songs from where you left off. It's simply the best.


đŸĨˆ Apple Music #2: Apple Music comes in a close second with its lossless quality and excellent integration with iOS and macOS. It's the only player that can be minimized on the desktop with the mini-player feature. Apple Music is ideal for Apple users seeking a seamless music streaming experience across all their devices. 🍎đŸŽĩ


đŸĨ‰ Tidal #3: While Tidal offers great music quality, its Apple TV app is quite weak. Moreover, the iPhone app doesn't sync with the TV or desktop versions. The lack of integration with Shazam is also a drawback, as users must search for songs manually. Additionally, the search function seems weak, and the discovery feature is a hit or miss, falling short of Spotify's offering. đŸŽĩđŸŽļ


🏅 YouTube Music #4: YouTube Music lacks advanced features, and even sorting songs in playlists isn't straightforward. There's no real sync across devices either. However, it remains an excellent option for budget-conscious consumers who also enjoy YouTube Premium and want a single service for all their needs. đŸŽĨ💰đŸŽĩ


In conclusion, Spotify is the best streaming service of 2023 because it excels in music discovery, playlist enhancements, and seamless multi-device integration.


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