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Spotify vs Apple Music vs Youtube Music

I have been a subscriber to music streaming services for years so I thought it my by useful to share my experience with all of them.

Princing is not mentioned as it varies dramatically from one country to another.

Spotify πŸ₯ˆ

I have been a subscriber for over 10 years and I can certainly say that it has a lot of advantages:


  • **Simplicity**: Spotify is very easy to use, navigation and interface is very user friendly;
  • **Duo Subscription:** easy to share with a family member or a loved one. There is also a family option but the duo is cheaper and sufficient in some cases;
  • **Discovery weekly** just listening to your existing music is yesterday. Today, a good streaming service means a good discovery service where you can discover new songs to add to your playlists. In this regard Spotify was generally very good. I say was because lately I wasn't really getting high quality suggestions as I did in the past. This might have to do with my declined usage or algorythm deterioration πŸ˜…


  • No videos
  • Discovery not as good as it used to be
  • Audio quality is very high but not lossless as in Apple Music

Ranking: πŸ₯ˆ

Apple Music

I have been an Apple Music user for probably the very beginning, 18+ years ago. This was before there was a subscription system in place and this is how things get a bit complicated.

If you bought songs before the streaming system you still find them in you library and, overall, makes the experience pretty confusing.


  • **Audio Quality**: with a lot of songs in lossless quality look no further for the best in terms of audio quality.
  • **Integration**: If you are an Apple user Apple Music is very well integrated with all devices (Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac etc.) which could be a big plus


  • **User Interface** : Somehow I found the user interface to be less clean than Spotify and Youtube Music. It has certainly improved and is difficult to pin point what I dislike but one big plus

is that I don't seem to see a simple way to like a song with πŸ‘ or ❀️ and find it automatically in a separate playlist (not just in the media library). I also don't think the "dislike" song does anything.

  • **Confusing if you bought songs** beside the fact that you probably wasted your money if you did πŸ˜… (OK for me it was long ago, but today you have no reason to "buy" songs which is anyway not really like

buying them) I found the songs persistently appearing in the library together with the streamed songs confusing.

Ranking: πŸ₯‰

Youtube Music πŸ“ΊπŸ₯‡

For years I resisted the idea to buy a Youtube premium subscription. I didn't watch youtube that much but, lately, I enjoy watching some videos and on Apple TV the advertising is just too much.

I subscribed and I think it was worth every penny! As a free add-on to Youtube premium you also get..Youtube Music. Well, this is just fantastic because it has something no other service has: music videos!!

If like me you are part of the MTV generation you know what it means. The magic to see and listen to music videos is just unbeatable.


  • **Videos** Yes! I love music videos and if you listen to music via Apple TV or TV you will "see" a huge difference. Gone are the boring album photos: you can enjoy music videos! Not all songs have one but many do.
  • **User Interface** Simple, fresh and smart. Just πŸ‘ a song and find it in its dedicated playlist. Perfect.
  • **Free

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