Selawik Font and DavidDev1

Selawik was released by Microsoft as an https://github.com/microsoft/Selawik as a replacement for the proprietary Segoe UI. This is pretty significant and unthinkable (Microsoft and open source?) just a few years ago. They even release the glyphs source file. Wow! This is not broadly advertised so a bit of a niche font. I do like the many great fonts available for free on Google fonts but I am always more intrigued by something not as widely used yet distinct. I found this font to be interesting but it also suffers for the confusing capital I that looks too similar to the lowercase l. This is what I mean: 


I have already discussed this before (see ) so since the font is open source I thought it would be interesting to fix the I so here is the DavidDev1 font with fixed I

 just one letter changes makes a lot of difference in terms of legibility. I updated to the full version of Glyphs because the "mini" version doesn't allow to fix multiple layers/weight.

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