New App: Schweiz.Press

I am happy to announce that my new app schweiz.press is now available in the Apple App Store. This app includes the latest Swiss News in German with a twist:

a) Using the Natural Language Native Swift framework it filters the "bad news" that are displayed without photo and in a smaller font size;

b) The App uses open-dyslexic as a font for enhanced readability;

c) Text to Speech on each of the news;

d)Possibility to set the Sentiment analysis filter (high, medium, low, off).

The news source is the SRF (Swiss National Television)

I think this app can be useful because of the readability but also the artificial intelligence (or better said sentiment analysis) used to determine which news are positive and which are negative.

It took me quiet some time to get the many parts of the apps to work as intended but I am happy with the result. Is a simple yet useful app that demonstrates how to implement several Swift native functions into an app.

The App is available for iOS and MacOS and build with SwiftUI.


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