Personal Websites and Design Insipirations

Recently I came across this article with a relevant quote "i find that personal websites have a very _distinct_ feel on the web nowadays. nobody really makes personal sites anymore, so when we stumble across them they seem fun and quirky - and they can deeply reflect what the author cares about. if statically generated sites suit you, please use them! but they don't suit me.

if you have values similar to mine, i strongly suggest trying a dynamic website. it's a ton of fun, you can start small, and it enables you to iterate through all manner of fun ideas! you can also write your code like shit and hardcode everything, because hey - it's yours and yours alone. that's part of the fun. make it in your favorite language! rust? perl? python? that's part of the fun too. do it because it's exciting."

this somehow motivated me to revisit the backend. It seems that npm packages can present some serious securities issues so i thought to move to something simple: a backend written in go using only the standard library.

this lead to a complete rewrite of the backend but also the frontend. The current design is inspired by comics and i like it!

it has a very light look and feel so it shouldn't be taken too seriously but it can still be useful and, more importantly, fun. 

using the go standard library presented some challenges but it is not as difficult as it seems. I love the idea to stay away from tens of hundreds of dependencies just to run a simple cms.  As a bonus go is also compiled and very fast in service web pages.

It is still work in progress, is far from perfect but sometimes there is beauty in imperfections too.


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