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I have now finished the release of Dicziunari.app. DicziunariApp is a dictionary between German and Romansch (one of the 4 official languages of Switzerland). I started the project long ago but never came across to finish it. There are over 200,000 words

Read More calendar 31 Januar, 2021

I finally had some time to review my web app https://password.select the previous version was generating the passwords sever side and that is not a great idea. So inspired by https://www.useapassphrase.com I have now updated password.select to work entire

Read More calendar 30 Januar, 2021

I have spent the past few days to locate a good webfont for a business project. During the process of licensing and analysing several webfonts I now understand why google dominates the web fonts market. Part of the fault is the absurd “pay as you go” pric

Read More calendar 23 Januar, 2021

Welcome to the completely re-designed david.dev! The new design is complete different and is inspired by Brutalist web design (see https://brutalist-web.design if you are curious) but without exagerating - I still think that beauty is important. I have s

Read More calendar 18 Januar, 2021

One of the most under-rated parts of frontend web development is typography. I have found several great developers being totally unmoved by the power of typography on the web. Things have changed: now Google fonts dominate the market because is so easy to

Read More calendar 01 Januar, 2021

During the winter holidays I always take some time to explore new technologies. In my previous post I have questioned the utility of static sites generators in 2020. It turns out that static websites are now a big thing and as you can see on Jamstack ther

Read More calendar 30 Dezämber, 2020

I have spent some time with MongoJS and I quickly noticed that some of the easy operations like delete and update records are not very clearly laid out in the readme so here is my quick guide on how to use MongoJS with Express: Connection var mongojs = re

Read More calendar 23 Dezämber, 2020

For my end of the year fun project I have spent some time testing the various mongodb drivers available for express. Mongodb: the official driver is not as straightforward as it should Mongose: I cannot understand why you would want to specify a model for

Read More calendar 21 Dezämber, 2020

Rich text editors (also known as wysiwyg what you see is what you get) are pretty important for every blogging/CMS application, no matter how small. In the past I have been using Medium editor which is pretty good and totally free and open source. I am

Read More calendar 12 Dezämber, 2020

I just wanted to add a quick update to my previous mini tutorial https://david.dev/Server-side-swift-kitura-mongo-db-tutorial (wow! amost a year) on using MongoDB with a SWIFT server side framework like Kitura or Vapor. First, the official MongoDB Swift

Read More calendar 11 Dezämber, 2020

Allright last August I moved back to Polka JS but now I am back again to Django 🐍! Why ? Well I think I spent more time in Django to be able to figure out more things than in nodejs/polka or express. A lot of things are very straightforward in Django and

Read More calendar 07 Novämber, 2020

Sometime ago I wrote a simple CMS in Go that uses just the default library net/http for routing. One of the benefits of go is that, unlike other languages like python, ruby, nodejs etc. you don’t have to use a framework. The default libraries comes with t

Read More calendar 18 Oktoober, 2020

With Corona numbers going up (again!) all over the world, keeping a safety distance has become pretty much a new social imperative. Under this new normal wearing a Parfum seems less intuitive and certainly not a priority. This said I found that keeping a

Read More calendar 14 Septämber, 2020

Before discussing the options to contact me please note that all the apps and software discussed in the articles are offered “as is” without any warranty or support. I do not collect any personal data, display or display and advertisement. I am thankful f

Read More calendar 19 Auguscht, 2020

It is very easy to like pretty things. Everyone likes them. In the case of website pretty means also modern. There are hundreds of pretty, modern and professional templates or CSS classes to craft a website. I took a different approach and today I “downgr

Read More calendar 19 Auguscht, 2020

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