Today I tried Azure Static Web Apps. The offer tries to enter the growing market of static (or rather said frontend) web development. It supports the major frontend frameworks like Vue, React, Angular and all static HTML/Javascript websites. The pricing m

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There are several ways to deploy your Django project. In this day and age there are several new services that let you deploy an app just with a config file without having to deal with web servers or WSGI. But if you want to run your own server (e.g. via

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Running mariadb + phpmyadmin is essential to run a number of web applications including django. A lot of django tutorials use postgresql but I found the mariadb + phpmyadmin combination very user friendly to manage your database. There are plenty of tutor

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In my opinion one of the strongest features of Django is the Admin. In pretty much every framework and programming language I have tried: PHP, NodeJS, Golang and even micro-frameworks like flask you end up writing your own admin. This seems trivial (and i

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One of the most tedious aspects of writing a blog post is writing the slug. For these not in the know a slug is simply the url at which your article will be reacheable: so if you have a post with a title “Hello World” the slug would be yourdomain.com/hell

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Inspired from the UI change to dark mode I decided to change the website backend. The previous backend was in Svelte-Sapper that has now been discontinued in favour of SvelteKit. I started using Svelte/Sapper in April and learned many things about static

Read More calendar 18 Auguscht, 2021

As always when I have some “holidays” I come up with ideas to experiment my website and hobby apps. As it is now 3:54 AM this won’t be a long post but I have just changed the UI and design to dark mode 🌚. The font is also monospaced so consistent with cod

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While browsing my hackernews clone I came across an intriguing and at the same time bizarre project: S3 Email that will make you forget everything you thought about imap server, smtp, pop and other traditional email protocols. date: 2021-07-29 According t

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In the past month I lead the effort to migrate three major projects from Express/Node.js to Next.js. Why Next.js and not Svelte, Gatsby, Hugo or another Jamstack and…why move from Node.JS to Jamstack ? Starting from the last question Express/Node.js with

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I have just finished my new iOS app: Marienkäfer. It is a small app yet –at least to me 😜– very useful. But wait: there is already a wide selection of great and powerful notes app so why another one ? Marienkäfer🐞 is small and different: You can write no

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In my quest to move a lot of work projects to a serverless architecture I have used Use Svelte + Svelte Spa router svelte spa router in several projects. This present an issue: if you fetch data from an API it will expose your credentials and this is les

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I have now finished migrated a website developed in Nodejs/Express/MySQL to sveltekit so I thought it would be a good moment to pen down some of my experiences. If you are a bit like me you can be confused by Sapper/Svelte/Sveltekit. What are the differe

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In the enthusiasm of moving much of my stack to svelte I re-wrote flags.lol a simple game inspired from “fun with flags” from the series big bang theory. The first version was written in go with a mysql backend (to host the flag codes and file locations)

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As soon as I decided to move some of my websites using jamstack I was faced with the the issue of hosting or – better said in the case of jamstack – deploy my shiny new website. I have tried Google Cloud, Netlify, Vercel and Cloudflare pages and here are

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This page does not exist. May be I changed some routes, so it can be my fault! back to the homepage Feel free to visit the Apps section to try some of my apps!

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