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I have now finished migrated a website developed in Nodejs/Express/MySQL to sveltekit so I thought it would be a good moment to pen down some of my experiences. If you are a bit like me you can be confused by Sapper/Svelte/Sveltekit. What are the differe

Read More calendar 03 Mai, 2021

In the enthusiasm of moving much of my stack to svelte I re-wrote flags.lol a simple game inspired from “fun with flags” from the series big bang theory. The first version was written in go with a mysql backend (to host the flag codes and file locations)

Read More calendar 27 April, 2021

As soon as I decided to move some of my websites using jamstack I was faced with the the issue of hosting or – better said in the case of jamstack – deploy my shiny new website. I have tried Google Cloud, Netlify, Vercel and Cloudflare pages and here are

Read More calendar 25 April, 2021

Previously, I was very sceptical (to say the least) about “static websites”. There are several limits and somehow don’t feel as cool as dynamic websites. Little I knew that “static” today doesn’t mean just writing a bunch of HTML pages and upload them in

Read More calendar 24 April, 2021

After a few months I am now revisiting the previous review of sapper-svelte. Recently, I decided to try to migrate a project from a dynamic to a static website to be hosted on google cloud. Looking back, I made a number of mistakes one of which was using

Read More calendar 18 April, 2021

I have been using Protonmail for several years with some ups and down. In 2018 I think I stopped using it because it was suddenly unavailable for serveral hours but I have now decided to revisit it in 2021. For starters, Protonmail is a secure email provi

Read More calendar 04 April, 2021

Mit Swissradio.live können Sie alle wichtigen öffentlichen Schweizer Radiosender hören. Keine Werbung, weder auf Sendung noch in der App. viel spass! With Swissradio.live you can listen to all the major swiss public radio stations. No ads, neither on air

Read More calendar 01 April, 2021

Schweiz.Press bietet einige der neuesten Nachrichten aus dem SRF mit einem Twist: Positive Nachrichten werden vollständig angezeigt, einschliesslich Foto und Beschreibung. Nachrichten, die von der Künstlichen Intelligenz als negativ analysiert werden, wer

Read More calendar 01 April, 2021

I have now migrated my silent hacker news clone form node (which was using also streams) to PHP 8. What is pretty nice is the design that is now using a comics-style look and feel: see it for yourself at https://neu.sh It is really a simple and basic up b

Read More calendar 28 März, 2021

I have been working on a new font adaptation and I wanted to try to create a variable font. The benefits of variable fonts for the web are clear: in a much smaller font size you can include different weights. So here it is “David.Dev Sans” Variable font t

Read More calendar 03 März, 2021

**Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality ** We noticed that your app only includes links, images, or content aggregated from the Internet with limited or no native iOS functionality. Although this content may be curated from the web specifically

Read More calendar 26 Februar, 2021

I am happy to announce that my new app schweiz.press is now available in the Apple App Store. This app includes the latest Swiss News in German with a twist: a) Using the Natural Language Native Swift framework it filters the “bad news” that are displ

Read More calendar 25 Februar, 2021

A few months ago PHP 8 was released: since a lot of new interesting functions were added, most notably the JIT (just in time) compilation that will make PHP much faster, I knew I would answer to the 🧜‍♀️ and had to try it. Not only I did, but I moved my blog

Read More calendar 17 Februar, 2021

I am currently waiting for some of my new apps to be approved in both the Apple Mac App Store and the App Store for iOS. The review system has become more and more erratic recently: I have an app approved and available on the Mac App Store but …rejected m

Read More calendar 14 Februar, 2021

Dicziunari.app Dicziunari.app è il program gratuit per translatar pleds dil romontsch en tudestg e dil tudestg en romontsch. Scrivas il pled e ti vegns a vesair la translaziun!. Ils verbs cuntegna la conjugaziun cumpletta. Deutsch : Mit Dicziunari.app kön

Read More calendar 31 Januar, 2021

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