New Design July 2022

During the week-end I have experimented with the new site and changed the fonts. These are fonts I purchased sometime ago and make such a big difference.

GT Maru is the main font used for the text and headlines.I am using the same font for coding and I am very happy with it.

Why buy a font where there are so many available for free ? Well first I like to support local, Swiss type foundries but secondly the font changes the overall reading experience.

I have also played with backends and resurrected🧟‍♂️ Django 4 for a few hours. I forgot how much of a pain is to get all the setup right and the collect static alone made me revert back to my custom system, developed in Go.

Since I used Django for a while I am always somehow drawn to check it back but nothing beats the default library in go. 

There is also a new search functionality that is very useful (at least to me when I look back for something I wrote). 

The benefit of having your own system is that you can easily modify it as you want and it takes just 1 command to start. It is just amazing💥 OK let's just say is very functional and, why not, cool. 😎




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