New Design, Backend and Search!
Määntig,18 Januar, 2021

Welcome to the completely re-designed! The new design is complete different and is inspired by Brutalist web design (see if you are curious) but without exagerating - I still think that beauty is important.

I have spent a lot of time in selecting the right fonts and making sure that all elements fit well together. Here is the result: new design 2021

there are some rough elements like the optiker sans swiss font and the concrete elements in the photos. I have also moved back to Django 🐍 python backend (more about that in an upcoming article!). There is a brand new search functionality that is useful and needed when the number of articles are growing.

There are also “claps” at the end of each articles. Is similar to the medium applause and the javascript library but this functionality was done by myself.

Code highlight is using the beautful solarized light theme. For coding I have used Nova by Panic. One of the only native mac code editors that works really well with python. Pretty much all was done by myself, both backend and frontend and I am proud of the result.

The new design and backend motivates me to write more and now, with an upcoming six weeks lockdown, there is no better time to put some thoughts in writing.

I hope that you enjoy the new design and functionality! Thanks for your visit.