MarienkÀfer 🐞 app

I have just finished my new iOS app: Marienkäfer. It is a small app yet --at least to me 😜-- very useful. But wait: there is already a wide selection of great and powerful notes app so why another one ?

Marienkäfer🐞 is small and different:

This is excellent for short text that you need to copy somewhere: no more selecting what you need to paste (which can be a pain in the native apple notes app) just one click and you are all set.

There is also a Mac OS version (apparently this is generated automatically for all new iOS apps) but since the UI is not great for the ipad for now is mostly iOS and Mac OS.

The app was approved in just few hours by the Apple App Store. In comparison some of my previous apps required multiple changes before the approval (particularly apps using third parties data). I was plesantly surprised that I could get it up and available in the App store in record time.

As you can guess for the name the app is in German but since it has so few options and commands it can be probably used by everyone. Feel free to download it directly in the Marienkäfer micro website.


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