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Introducing Cloud.Museum the world's first static site generator created entirely by Artificial Intelligence 🤖

Introducing Cloud.museum - the world's first static site generator created entirely by Artificial Intelligence, specifically ChatGPT. This humble project demonstrates the power of AI in coding and web development.

Witness AI in Action

Cloud.museum is a simple yet functional static site generator with no dependencies. Available in both Swift and NodeJS, it's a versatile tool for creating micro-websites with only a few pages. As an AI-generated tool, it serves as a testament to the potential of AI in various domains, including coding.

A Collective Effort

Creating Cloud.museum required over 100 interactions with ChatGPT, refining the generator, and removing dependencies to create a basic markdown parser. It was a collective effort, with humans and AI working together to create something unique.

The Future of Web Development

Cloud.museum is a modest but revolutionary step forward in web development. It's a tool that encourages experimentation, as it invites users to explore what AI-generated tools can do. This tool is not just about generating static sites; it's about demonstrating what is possible when humans and AI collaborate.

Join the Experiment

We invite you to join the experiment and experience firsthand what AI can do in web development. Try out Cloud.museum and witness how AI can generate simple but functional static sites. Who knows what we can achieve when we combine the power of AI and human creativity?


In conclusion, Cloud.museum is a humble but significant milestone in the development of AI-generated tools. It's not groundbreaking, nor is it amazing, but it demonstrates the potential of AI and human collaboration. We encourage you to experiment with Cloud.museum and discover what AI can do in web

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