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13-Sep-2021 - django, hn, news

I was looking at some old projects I made sometime ago and I decided to refresh/partially rewrite tech news site (source HN) with some changes: - Revamped layout and user interface - Added search (very useful!) - Is now looking at the latest news not just the top news

The domain is also pretty funny. I was looking for something simple like "hello" and the only TLD available at a reasonable price was .forsale. Despite the domain suggestion the site is not for sale but it makes it pretty easy to remember. Feel free to visit hello.FORSALE here

How is this different to neu.sh that has also HN as a source? Hello.forsale has no comments and the data is local so it should be faster and adds the possibility to search older news. Source is the same but the type of news are different: in hello.forsale there will be all new submissions regardless of their popularity. Happy reading!