• A simple text editor
    - plain text
  • Export as pdf
    - Cool!
  • Totally Free
    - great deal!
  • highly legible font
    - APL385
  • always on your tray
    - on/off with a click

Simple text editor always available on your mac menu bar. Use it for any .txt note, todos, code snippets, poems and even books! There are several editors available for mac so what makes elektro different?

  • always available in the menu bar
  • very legible typeface
  • save in .txt format
  • export to pdf
  • totally free
  • Just click on the elektro icon in your menu bar to open it and click again to hide it (it will auto hide if you go to another app but you won't lose your file). Right click on the menu icon for further options.

    Last Update: 24. Oktober 2019 00:00

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