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Django Pagedown WYSIWYG editor

Just a short follow up to my previous post of few months ago.

My elected winner was Django Pagedown 🏆 but it had a major issue: there was no file upload functionality. Even for a small blog or journal this is a major downside. Nobody wants to upload and link image files when writing an article. For this reason I was using Django MarkdownX which has another big downside: no WYSIWYG controllers on the top so you have to remember all the markdown tags. This is pretty annoying.

I have just upgraded to Django 3.2 and Django Pagedown 2.1.1 that was released just few months ago. I am happy to report that the image upload functionality works very well so I can confirm that this is probably the best markdown editor for Django.

Here is a sample image upload!

[1]: /images/mnkey.jpg

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