back to polka💃🏻 (node.js) after a few months!

Back in October I moved my blog from a static setup to the origins: Polka, a node.js framework that is every slimmed than node.js.  But why move back if the static blog was working just fine? Well, I did explain it in this article too but the bottom line was that I was growing bored of how static things are..in a static website 😁 . I don't like to wait for builds and I start to dislike markdown (what is the point to write in markdown to convert to html when you can use tiny and many other editors to write directly in the admin and store the content in HTML ?!) .

It seems that I am not alone in migrating from a static back to a dynamic system.

Additionally, today I was trying to make a small script in Django and it drove me pretty much crazy. It is so opionionated that even the most basic things like fetching data from a form to pass to an API is just 🤯. It took me way less time to do it in Node.js using Polka and I suspect it is also a lot faster. 

Seriously, just to build something on Django there are so many steps that I have a guide saved not to forget all the things I have to do. It is so much faster (for small things) to get them done in node.  Deployment is also way easier on node.js.

Last point on why moving was probably right is that I spent so much time and energies to create my own blog engine that it feels really sad to let it go to waste, unused, forgotten for yet another cloud solution.

Hopefully I will be here to stay because I can improve a lot of functionality. As a bonus, to write a post I can just open the admin and click save. No comparison with a static site. I should now be able to keep up with my target to write one post per month. 


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