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🗂David.dev This Website :) (using NodeJS/Cloud.Museum)

🏛️Cloud.Museum SSG coded by AI (NodeJS)

🏎Crypto.auto Retro, no-nonsense crypto quotes (NodeJS/Cloud.Museum)

📰Neu.sh The first HN clone with Open Dyslexic font (Svelte)

🔐Password.select strong passphrases in Swiss German and Romansh (Javascript, client side)

🌍Flags.lol (Svelte)

⌨️html.dev HTML simple blog (Svelte/Sapper)

iOS/MacOS (developed with Swift)

📻my.audio Minimalistic Radio Player (SwiftUI)

🐞Marienkäfer short notes and more (SwiftUI)

🇨🇭SwissRadio.Live (Swift)

🧘🏻Fonts.Yoga (SwiftUI) archived

🏙Züri.Tours (SwiftUI) archived

🗞Schweiz.Press AI powered positive news (SwiftUI)

iOS/Android (developed with Flutter)



🧺WashNotes archived



🔨Hammerkopf All-rounder sans serif derived from Carlito

👓Optiker Sans Swiss adapted to Swiss German

🗂David.Dev Sans Variable font based on Selawik

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