Hello ! I am back after a few months. I finally found the the time to write but also to launch a new version of the blog! new design, new images ...geneated by ChatGPT DALL-E 3 which is available for plus users. 

This makes the plus subscription really cost effective as the images generated by Dall-E 3 are just..AMAZING.

Here are some examples:



I am very impressed by the quality and I am intrigued to see how the model will improve. I would say it is certainly a game chancer for design creation. The previous model was not as good, the images were  much more rought,  as you can see below:

It is really impressive the level of improvements in just few months. I think that ChatpGPT plus is a must. The text capacities are amazing, it can also code (new dedicated model) and create high quality images and illustrations. I am very interested in see how Artificial Intelligence will continue to evolve!



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