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🌟 New Design and Backend 🤖 Powered by Cloud.museum

Exciting news! I recently introduced Cloud.museum and have decided to update my website and use it as the backend! This latest iteration sees me moving from Django to a static system.

So, why did I make this change? With the help of Cloud.museum, I was able to improve several elements of my website:

  • 🏷ī¸ Tags are now fully functional. Click on a tag to see all articles grouped by tags.
  • 📅 You can now click on the year of an article to see all the articles published in that year.
  • 📖 Pagination has been added.
  • đŸ’Ŧ And after many years, comments are back!

But the biggest reason for this change was that with the help of ChatGPT 🤖, I was able to run my site in something entirely coded by myself (and AI). It took several hours and over 100 interactions, but the result was worth it!

Here's an example of one of the many interactions with ChatGPT:



Another important feature was having everything coded from scratch, including a markdown parser and static generation. So the result is an enhanced version of Cloud.museum with a single node.js file.

To top it off, the UI has been redesigned with the wonderful Repro front from ABC Dynamo.

Enjoy the new design! 🎉

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