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How to Customize the Django Admin


In my opinion one of the strongest features of Django is the Admin. In pretty much every framework and programming language I have tried: PHP, NodeJS, Golang and even micro-frameworks …

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I was looking at some old projects I made sometime ago and I decided to refresh/partially rewrite tech news site (source HN) with some changes: - Revamped layout and user …

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Django 3 Redirect all 404 to homepage


Handling 404 pages in Django is very easy: just add a 404.html file inside your templates folder (e.g. inside your app) and it will work just fine.

But what if …

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Generate a slug in a Django Web Application


One of the most tedious aspects of writing a blog post is writing the slug. For these not in the know a slug is simply the url at which your …

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From Jamstack to Django


Since quiet a bit of time I am writing this article not on a code editor but on a form inside a cozy admin section. A bit like the web …

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Azure Static Web Apps vs Vercel vs Cloudflare Pages


Today I tried Azure Static Web Apps . The offer tries to enter the growing market of static (or rather said frontend) web development. It supports the major frontend …

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AWS S3 Serverless email


While browsing my hackernews clone I came across an intriguing and at the same time bizarre project: S3 Email that will make you forget everything you thought about …

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Next.js Review


In the past month I lead the effort to migrate three major projects from Express/Node.js to Next.js.

Why Next.js and not Svelte, Gatsby, Hugo or another Jamstack and...why …

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Marienkäfer 🐞 app


I have just finished my new iOS app: Marienkäfer. It is a small app yet --at least to me 😜-- very useful. But wait: there is already a wide …

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Github action workflow to fetch and commit API data


In my quest to move a lot of work projects to a serverless architecture I have used Use Svelte + Svelte Spa router svelte spa router in several projects. …

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Sveltekit Review


I have now finished migrated a website developed in Nodejs/Express/MySQL to sveltekit so I thought it would be a good moment to pen down some of my experiences.

If …

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Flags.lol update!


In the enthusiasm of moving much of my stack to svelte I re-wrote flags.lol a simple game inspired from "fun with flags" from the series big bang theory.

The …

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Netlify vs Vercel vs Cloudflare Pages vs Google Cloud vs AWS Amplify


As soon as I decided to move some of my websites using jamstack I was faced with the the issue of hosting or -- better said in the case …

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Website update, Now powered by Svelte!


Previously, I was very sceptical (to say the least) about "static websites". There are several limits and somehow don't feel as cool as dynamic websites.

Little I knew that …

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Sapper Svelte New Review


After a few months I am not revisiting the previous review of sapper-svelte. Recently, I decided to try to migrate a project from a dynamic to a static …

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Protonmail Review


I have been using Protonmail for several years with some ups and down. In 2018 I think I stopped using it because it was suddenly unavailable for serveral hours …

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I have now migrated my silent hacker news clone form node (which was using also streams) to PHP 8.

What is pretty nice is the design that is now …

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Sans Variable Font


I have been working on a new font adaptation and I wanted to try to create a variable font. The benefits of variable fonts for the web are clear: …

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Guideline 4.2.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality


If you are reading this article chances are that you just received this message from App Store Connect, Apple. I have recently received this message over and over again but …

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New App: Schweiz.Press


I am happy to announce that my new app schweiz.press is now available in the Apple App Store. This app includes the latest Swiss News in German with a …

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